Healing the Loss

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I know from my own life experience that loss and change is exhausting. It is hard to absorb and understand when you are so busy with life and possibly caring for others at the same time. The people I have the honour to support so often claim the same thing. They need time to grieve, heal, absorb, retreat, and replenish their empty cups. I longed for some cocooning, gentleness and someone to talk with about my losses. I needed nourishment of all kinds: good food, beautiful scenery, activities if I wanted, and complete solitude and rest if I didn’t.


After loss and change and grief, you need time to begin to restore yourself, time for you to care for yourself.

You need acknowledgement, validation and help with tools to navigate your loss.


You have a rightful need to be nurtured; along with the rest, kindness, empathy and understanding that will be so helpful as you go forward.


Who is this retreat for?


Any person experiencing loss of any kind.

Any person having a build-up of accumulated losses and change in their life, that has gone unheard.

Caregivers of any kind - those caring for loved ones who have illnesses or challenges.

Health professionals and first responders.

Anyone who needs a nurturing, replenishing time-out in their lives to heal and absorb.


Retreats will be completely customized for your individual needs. You will have as many sessions with me as needed, depending on your time here.


Where is the retreat located?


Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, is a beautiful, historical small town of about one thousand folks. The town has all amenities within walking distance. Beaches, trails, good restaurants, lovely shops to poke about in, a spa, healing services and shops. We are about 12 minutes from the UNESCO Heritage Town of Lunenburg and about 15 minutes from lovely Chester, Nova Scotia.

This is a gorgeous, peaceful, slow-paced and very kind part of the world. The natural environment, the proximity to the ocean, beaches and forests make it a naturally healing and restorative place.


How does this work?



We will set up our counselling sessions together, based on your timeline.

We will discuss your needs, what you are looking for, dates, etc.

We will decide if you need a completely quiet, cocooning and restful time, possibly catered meals, and quiet in a lovely Airbnb.

You may prefer a bed and breakfast to get to know some folks and share a meal.

You might want to be completely anonymous at a hotel with all of the amenities.

As far as activities go, perhaps you would enjoy some spa time and pampering.

If you want more activity, there are bike rentals, hiking trails, beautiful beach walks close by.

Or maybe you need some combination of all of the above.

Please contact me, and I will send you an email with suggestions of accommodations, services, restaurants, activities, whatever we determine might suit your needs. I will list the places that are aware of the nature of the grief retreat, and are happy to collaborate to ensure you are well taken care of.

Once you have made your accommodation selection and booked your time in Mahone Bay, I am happy to assist in booking any other activities, catering, or services.

After your retreat on the lovely South Shore of Nova Scotia is complete, we can continue our support sessions via phone or video chat.


Photo by Hilary Scott, Nova Scotia

Our sessions can be conducted in person at my office or we can also meet via phone or video chat or on email. Whatever is the most convenient for you. Please do not let distance be a factor for getting support

Healing the Loss

Hilary Anne Scott


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