Healing the Loss

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Some testimonials from a few of my brave and courageous clients.


“Hilary is an amazing support and counsellor to say the least. I have been seeing traditional therapists for six years trying to work through traumas of many kinds: childhood abuse, illness, deaths, surgeries, the loss of what I thought my life would be. The traditional therapies I’ve taken part in helped with bits and pieces of my issues, but I always left feeling like something was unaddressed and missing. That’s where Hilary came in. She taught me to grieve and it has been the game changer for me. I am truly healing now. I don’t feel like something is missing from my recovery plan anymore. Instead of dreading another traditional therapy session, I look forward to seeing Hilary; it’s hard work, but she knows when to help me drill down on my issues, and when to lighten the mood and look at the bigger picture. I would recommend Hilary to anyone who has had a loss that needs healing. She’s a gem in our little community.”






“ I called Hilary when I had reached the bottom of my emotional barrel.  I wasn't sure how I would get through the next 30 seconds of my reality.   My marriage had suffered catastrophic failure and the people who meant the most to me had betrayed me.  I was in a deep depression and feeling crippling grief and loss.    Hilary helped me step by step and day by day by telling me that I mattered.  By helping me take back my power and find my inner strength to light my own path.   Most importantly she made me feel like I mattered to her.

  I am still seeing Hilary on a maintenance basis and feel it is imperative to continue with self help and self care.   I am happy to announce my marriage is alive and well and my children and I are thriving, not just surviving.  Hilary's decision to help others despite her own grief is a gift to the world and especially to me.   I unreservedly recommend her support to anyone suffering from loss and grief of any kind”







Having recently suffered a personal loss I was referred to Hilary by a couple of people who were concerned for me. Turned out to be the best referral I have ever been given. Hilary was exactly the right person at exactly the right time. Being a member of the male species, we typically do not share our feelings and emotions with others. Within minutes I found it incredibly easy to speak freely with Hilary in a very professional, comfortable, safe and supportive environment. I worked with her over a six week period and during that time I discovered the full extent of additional losses that I have had to deal with and how to properly deal with each, and then complete them and empty them from my "cupboard". It can get emotional but under Hilary's guidance, the reward at the finish is worth every bit of the work. I highly recommend Hilary to anyone who has unfortunately experienced an emotional loss.





“At our very first session together Hilary was confident enough to guarantee my success and she was 100% right.


Hilary is an engaging person who is totally genuine and trustworthy.    She creates an atmosphere of safety and trust which allowed me to make personal reflections with complete honesty.


The results do not come without putting in some hours and believe me, the time is well spent.


I can say without doubt that Hilary Scott was always tuned in, always caring and is the best counselor that I have ever spoken with.”




I recently worked with Hilary over a six-week period. After trying three sessions with a psychologist, I felt as though I was just talking in circles and getting nowhere. From our first session, Hilary offered some structure and a plan to move ahead. She listens, really listens, and I always felt heard, and comforted, and encouraged to keep going. The grief recovery process allowed me to make a number of connections about people and events that gave me so much more clarity about my own reactions, sadness and guilt. This was really tough stuff, but Hilary supported me through the process. It was an emotional and difficult process, but somehow, we also laughed a lot. She's a warm, bright, funny human and working with her has been the best thing I've done for myself in decades.




Navigating through one's grief is like sailing through a series of tsunami's when your crew has abandoned ship and the waves coming at you just get higher and higher. That is until I found Hilary Scott of Healing the Loss who threw me a life line. Although still at the helm , Hilary is my compass and I am learning to chart a new course. Our sessions are heartfelt, raw, and at times just plain hilarious. Her wisdom and insight makes me feel safe with someone who is like-minded. She is just that good. I have found a safe harbour.





Hilary has been wonderful in helping me realize loss issues that I was totally unaware of.

Our sessions have been conducted in a most professional manner.  I believe she has a true gift of understanding and feeling what I have been going through.

I would highly recommend her and wish she had been around a few years ago when I lost my husband to help me through the most difficult time of my life.




Hilary has had so much experience herself in loss. Her compassion, warmth, humour and tell it like it is style continues to help me enormously.




The saddest days are those when one has to say good bye to a loved one. Hilary was there for me, she provided me the help to get through this trying time. Thanks Hilary




Hilary is easy to talk to. She make makes you feel very at ease and comfortable. Her warmth, support, experience and knowledge makes it easy to share your thoughts and feelings. I would recommend her to anyone suffering loss.



Our sessions can be conducted in person at my office or we can also meet via phone or video chat or on email. Whatever is the most convenient for you. Please do not let distance be a factor for getting support

Healing the Loss

Hilary Anne Scott


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Certified Grief and Loss Support CCF®

Peer Support Canada Certified Peer Supporter (PSC)®

Peer Support Training Nova Scotia

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Asist -Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

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