Healing the Loss

Navigating your way through...


Our society does not handle grief very well.


There are an abundance of restrictions put on us about how to grieve. So many well-meaning people saying the most hurtful things…often starting  with the words “at least”.


There are many types of loss. Death and divorce are the most obvious; however, grief is in no way

limited to those.


For example:

  • long term illness in yourself or a loved one
  • the end of a romance
  • the death of a beloved pet
  • job loss
  • moving
  • empty nest
  • financial changes
  • retirement
  • loss of trust
  • betrayal
  • a loved one's addiction
  • loss of addiction
  • experiencing natural disasters
  • even unmet hopes, dreams and expectations cause deep feeling of grief and loss


Within your occupation you may be dealing with grief and loss in some way.

For example :

  • hospital
  • hospice
  • long term care
  • nursing homes
  • personal care
  • funeral work
  • veterinary assistants
  • teachers
  • hairdressers


And so many more, have all been in the presence of people who are grieving, and are grieving themselves.

Care for the Caregivers is very necessary.


Grief is defined as “the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. It is conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behaviour”.


Every individual’s loss is different, valid and important to them. It does not serve to compare losses, or feel that your loss is not as significant as someone else’s. It takes courage to take the steps to healing…to identify and work through your loss in a safe, compassionate and validating environment.

Our sessions can be conducted in person at my office or we can also meet via phone or video chat or on email. Whatever is the most convenient for you. Please do not let distance be a factor for getting support

Healing the Loss

Hilary Anne Scott


Certified Grief Recovery Specialist CGRS®

Certified Grief and Loss Support CCF®

Peer Support Canada Certified Peer Supporter (PSC)®

Peer Support Training Nova Scotia

First Aid/CPR Red Cross

Mental Health First Aid Canada

Asist -Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Wellness Recovery Action Plan
Fundamentals Certification (WRAP)