Healing the Loss

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Hi, I'm Hilary.




Grief and loss have shaped my life in so many ways, including losing loved ones, dealing with family members' addictions and mental illness, divorce, single parenthood, loss of trust, and moving many times. More than once, I have had to reconstruct my life.


In my forties, my father and mother died eight months apart, followed by my eldest sister three years later.


The most catastrophic and profound loss happened Oct 1, 2013 when my beautiful, amazing son Tyler died five days after his 18th birthday.


I know loss but I'm still standing.


Sometimes I am wobbly and sad, but that's normal: that is what it is to be human, that is grief.


You, too, are still standing; a little wobbly at times I'm sure, but with courage and resilience nonetheless.


During these losses, I searched for a soft spot to land, a place I could trust, that would hold space for me, that would give me hope. I needed validation, and to know that grief was normal and natural. It was a difficult thing to find.


This is what I offer you: a safe and soft spot to land.


I offer these things to you through my practice: validation, trust, compassion, empathy, intelligence, humour and a straightforward approach. You will be heard.


I look forward to connecting with you in person at my office in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia or on the phone, video call or email. Distance is not a factor for support.


Please offer yourself kindness and compassion.






Hilary Scott is a Certified Grief and Loss Support~CCF® and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist~CGRS® with over 24 years of study in the fields of grief and loss. Hilary offers you the experience, understanding and tools to help you navigate your losses in a compassionate, safe and validating setting.


Her passion is to support those who are going through a loss at present, or dealing with cumulative losses in their lives, and to educate people about the very normal, natural and human reactions of grief and loss within themselves and others.


She resides on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia with her two strange little dogs and her eldest son close by in the next town.


Healing The Loss


"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style"

--Maya Angelou


Our sessions can be conducted in person at my office or we can also meet via phone or video chat or on email. Whatever is the most convenient for you. Please do not let distance be a factor for getting support

Healing the Loss

Hilary Anne Scott


Certified Grief Recovery Specialist CGRS®

Certified Grief and Loss Support CCF®

Peer Support Canada Certified Peer Supporter (PSC)®

Peer Support Training Nova Scotia

First Aid/CPR Red Cross

Mental Health First Aid Canada

Asist -Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Wellness Recovery Action Plan
Fundamentals Certification (WRAP)